How to make America’s Favorite Condiment Trough

An Australian man says he’s a fan of American condiments and is creating a plastic condiments tray with them.

“I’ve been a fan for years of the American condiment,” Michael O’Brien told ABC News.

“I can’t believe I’ve never tried one.”

He said he used to get them from the supermarket, but it’s now sold in grocery stores.

“The only way I can get one from the supermarkets is to buy them at the local grocery store,” he said.

“But the people who buy it at the supermarket have to pay me to bring them in.

I get paid a small amount for the tray.

But the only way they’re going to be sold in stores is if they get them through the mail.”

His plastic tray includes a container of ketchup, mustard, mustard and mayonnaise.

He’s even got a container for condiments like salt and pepper.

He said the condiments can be eaten straight out of the tray, or put in small bowls to use for cooking.

He even has a “potato” and a “salad” tray for the condiment lovers.

He told ABC news that he’s trying to get people to stop buying ketchup.

“Ketchup is a product that has become very popular in Australia over the last decade,” he told ABC.

“Ketchup has become such a favourite that we’ve started to use a brand that’s made with local ingredients.”

Mr O’Briens son Daniel O’Neill has also created a condiment tray to sell at the Australian Vegetarian Food Festival in Sydney.

“It’s very easy to make,” he tells ABC News about the condimental tray.

“You just boil the ketchup and place it in a container and it goes straight into the condenser and it’s ready to go.”

He’s also selling them in Australia for about $1.50 each.

His homemade condiments are currently on display at the festival.


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