When Mexico City’s restaurants have to be sanitized

Mexican restaurants in Mexico City are increasingly having to resort to sanitizing their kitchens in order to avoid contamination by the country’s worst antibiotic-resistant disease.

The country’s government has already declared that all restaurants in the capital will be sanitized by the end of the year.

It is also banning the use of all ingredients except salt, which is already banned. 

The outbreak of the superbug E. coli O157:H7 is spreading rapidly in Mexico.

The outbreak in the US has killed more than 300 people and displaced more than 13 million people. 

E. coli is one of Mexico’s most common bacteria and is responsible for the worst outbreaks of antibiotic-resistance.

In 2013, Mexico declared a state of emergency and increased government assistance to affected communities.

The E.coli outbreak is not linked to that, but it has prompted the government to tighten restrictions.

Mexican restaurant owners have complained of shortages of cleaning agents and sanitizers. 

Mexico’s Ministry of Health says it has a number of sanitizer options, including condiments, which are used to clean utensils and other surfaces.

Some Mexican restaurants have resorted to buying and distributing sanitizing agents to restaurants. 

A recent study by the Mexican Association of Health Authorities found that many restaurants in México are not using sanitizes in accordance with guidelines set by the federal government. 

Mexican health officials are not expecting a massive outbreak in Mexico, but they do warn that the situation could worsen if the disease continues to spread. 

“This is the time when we can expect an outbreak, but we can’t guarantee that the spread will stop there,” Dr. Carlos Fonseca, a public health expert at the Mexican Academy of Sciences, told ABC News.

“There’s no doubt that this situation will escalate.

But I don’t think it will be a disaster.”

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