Which condiment should you use when preparing Chinese dishes?

The question has been asked countless times before, but Chinese condiments can be a challenge for some.

Here are a few of the more popular and often forgotten Chinese condiment options for everyday dishes. 

Chili sauce, Cilantro and Cucumber toasted coconut from the Philippines Bacchus: Coconut topped with basil, chili and coriander is a staple in the Philippines, but its popularity is rising with increasing demand. 

Its popularity has also risen in the last year with demand rising at a steady pace.

It can be used on fish, meat, fish tacos, meatloaf and seafood. 

A traditional dish for Filipinos, it is served in coconut shells and is also served on salads and side dishes.

You can buy it in most supermarkets and you can also buy it fresh. 

Cayenne pepper, Lemon, and Salt from the Philippines: Lemongrass and chilli are also popular in the southern Philippines. 

It is a common addition to fish, shrimp and pork. 

You can buy a bag for 1 peso ($0.04) or a bag of 50 pesos ($0,13). 

Celeste’s curry sauce from India: Ginger and cumin is also a popular addition to Indian dishes, but it is rarely used in South East Asia. 

 You should avoid the Indian spice from the spices section of the grocery store or use a Thai spice or curry paste instead. 

Kale and Curry from India Kulcha from India is another popular curry condiment. 

This dish is also popular on Indian plates. 

Sesame seed and ginger are often added to the dish, but you can also make your own by adding a few fresh ginger roots to your food. 

Thai Curry from Thailand  is another popular Thai curry condiments. 

Gingko and ginger are often added to this dish, and is often used to garnish dishes. 

 Beef with rice and ginger from Vietnam This is a popular Thai dish and is made with beef, and has a spicy, savory taste. 

Beef and ginger, along with coconut and cucumber are a staple of Vietnamese dishes.

The curry sauce is often served on noodles, and you may also use it on salads, stir-fries, rice and pasta. 

Bag of chicken from Thailand This is a traditional Thai dish. 

Chicken and rice are a popular addition, and are served with the curry sauce. 

Fresh greens are usually added to this dish.

Thai Curry from Malaysia Thais curry is very popular, but you can make your recipe yourself. 

The sauce is served on Thai noodles. 

Garlic and basil from South Africa This one is a classic Thai dish, served on rice, noodles and meat. 

But there are some other popular dishes you can add to this one. 

Miso and green chilli sauce from Indonesia This recipe is very popular in Indonesia, and it is used in some popular dishes.

You can use Miso or Green Chilli to make this dish with. 

If you do, make sure you add a few cloves of garlic to it. 

Red and black gourd from India This delicious dish is often eaten with rice, and its very popular. 

Add a few red chillies, garlic and green chillies to it to make it spicy and delicious. 

Green curry from Bangladesh  This curry is very delicious and has many flavors. 

Cook the vegetables separately to make curry sauce, and then add the rest of the ingredients. 

Shrimp and chicken from Singapore This Asian dish is very sweet, and many people use it as a dip for salads. 

However, you should also add some freshly chopped green chillie to it.

Thick black salt from New Zealand This salty food is also a classic dish, which is often made with fresh fish, crab or squid. 

Try adding a handful of fresh ginger and a few dried garlic cloves to it to make it smoky. 

Tomato and chile from Peru This spicy dish is popular in Peru, and the ingredients can be added to any dish.

You could also use chiles or tomatoes to make this dish spicy. 

Lime and garlic from Mexico This condiment is popular among Mexican dishes, and you may also add lime and garlic to this one.

 The ingredients are sliced and fried and are often served with rice. 

Banana and chili from Philippines Bananas and pepper are both

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