Chipotle condiment maker plans to buy 3-3.5% stake in condiment startup

Chipotle is reportedly buying a 3-5% interest in three condiment makers.

The San Francisco-based company announced the move Tuesday.

Chipotle also plans to sell its remaining 3-2.5%, stake in Verve, which owns the popular chicken condiment empire, to an independent investment group led by venture capitalist and former Starbucks investor David Ragan.

The deal would create an investment arm focused on condiment ingredients and technology.

The chipotle brand has more than 10 million locations around the world, with about 10% of its sales from the condiment category.

Chipotas current product line includes chili peppers, sriracha, cilantro and oregano, along with other spices.

The condiments are also popular in Asian cuisine.

Chipatos brand name is derived from the Mexican word for sauce, carne asada.

Chipy is the original condiment, but other companies have also developed and sold condiments in the past.

The company said it is working with Verve to develop new products, including a brand that will use chipotle peppers to enhance chili peppers.

Chipzach, an online grocer and food delivery company, is also developing products, the company said.

Chipzan is also a leader in the space of food delivery.

In May, it announced plans to acquire Chipotle Express, an e-commerce company that offers delivery services to restaurants and other businesses.

The move is part of Chipotle’s efforts to diversify its business and bring more food to more consumers.

Chipos brand, meanwhile, is a condiment brand that focuses on flavor and is widely used in restaurants.

The brand was launched in 2004.

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