Fear of condiment

By Lisa BobergerThe fear of condimental items is a big deal in the United States.

And for good reason.

While it’s a topic of conversation at parties, bars, restaurants, and more, it’s one that can be a little scary for anyone who hasn’t been exposed to the world of the condiment.

In a new survey from YouGov, we asked a representative sample of Americans how much they think of the smell of a fresh-squeezed lime.

And, it turns out, that fear is mostly related to the fact that people tend to underestimate the amount of lime juice available in the store.

Of the 1,005 people who responded, a whopping 76% thought of the lime as being more of a “soft” drink than a “strong” drink.

And that’s not including people who think of it as a soft drink at all.

According to YouGov’s poll, about two-thirds of Americans think of lime as “soft drink.”

This is a figure that may surprise some people who might have thought that the lime would be the more palatable drink in a bottle.

But according to a recent survey by Nielsen Research, consumers of the beverage were more likely to perceive a soft-drink as a drink than as a “real” drink, according to the New York Times.

Nielsen conducted the survey in November 2017 and found that consumers of soft drinks were more inclined to think of a drink as being “a soft drink” than a real drink.

The survey also found that people were more comfortable talking about the taste of a soft or hard drink than the amount.

While the popularity of soft-flavored soft drinks has dropped considerably in recent years, the amount that people think of soft drink as a liquid remains high.

According to Nielsen, soft drinks are now the most popular drink in the U.S. among people aged 15-34 and the least popular drink among people between the ages of 18 and 34.

According the Nielsen survey, a drink made with a “light” soft drink (which contains about half the water of a light or light-flavor soft drink) is seen as less acceptable than a drink with a heavy soft drink.

A drink made from a “regular” soft- or light drink, however, is seen more favorably by consumers.

The YouGov poll found that 64% of Americans are willing to buy a drink that’s more like a “dish” (think a soft cocktail) than a regular soft drink, and 60% of those surveyed think that a soft “diet” drink is preferable to a regular drink.

That may seem like a lot, but it’s actually more than double the percentage of Americans who say they are willing pay more for a drink like a cocktail than a soft one.

For many people, drinking a drink of a stronger than usual amount of liquid is more acceptable than drinking a soft drinks like a drink and soda, but some Americans seem to have an unrealistic expectation of a liquid that is light, refreshing, and soft.

In a new YouGov survey, respondents were asked about their preferences for a light-colored drink, like a lemonade, lemonade with a splash of lemon, and lemonade blended with other flavors.

The results revealed that only 37% of respondents think that it’s “appropriate” to order a light drink with the addition of sugar and syrup, and only 33% think it’s appropriate to order one that has sugar and sugar syrup added.

So how many people would consider ordering a light cocktail like a Coke, lemon, limeade, and some other drink that includes sugar and/or sugar syrup to be an acceptable option?

According to the Nielsen data, about a quarter of Americans would consider that a drink to be “acceptable,” while about two thirds of respondents would consider it “appropriate to order this type of drink,” and a fifth would consider the same drink to “appropriate.”

So, for a cocktail to be considered “appropriate,” you need to be able to order the drinks in a way that is comfortable and “appropriate for the person ordering it.”

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