What you need to know about pho (and condiments)

What you might not know about Vietnam’s staple dish: Pho is pho.

A Vietnamese dish, it’s a combination of Vietnamese beef and vegetables, often seasoned with chili powder.

This makes for a rich and hearty noodle soup, which is why it’s popular with the Vietnamese.

A lot of it is fried, but a lot of the vegetables and meat is roasted and fried to crisp.

Pho also has a special sauce that has a thick and rich flavor that is added at the end.

This is called “dukan” or “dung.”

This is made with beef, vegetables, and herbs, usually a mix of onions, garlic, and lemongrass.

Dukan is usually served with Vietnamese steamed rice and noodles.

Phoe is a combination noodle, rice, and soup.

The soup is usually prepared with beef broth, which can be made into a noodle stew or mixed into rice noodles.

This soup is very similar to Vietnamese pho, but it is made of meat and vegetables.

Phos also is known as pho duong.

It is also a noodling dish.

A bowl of pho is made from the broth and usually contains pork, beef, and vegetables mixed with chicken.

You can also add vegetables or fish to the soup to make it a fish noodle or fish noodlé.

Vietnamese cooking is very simple.

You just chop up a bunch of vegetables, beef and meat and throw it into a pot, or you can boil it in a pot of water and add some fish or shrimp.

It’s just a very simple way to prepare your soup.

For more on the Vietnamese food and culture, check out these articles: The Globe & Mail, Vietnamese cuisine: a guide to Vietnam, a guide on Vietnamese cuisine, and a list of all the best restaurants in Vancouver.

Vietnamese dishes: A guide to Vietnamese dishes, a look at Vietnamese food culture, and an overview of Vietnamese cuisine.

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