How to make a super chillie with this recipe from @hannah_singer, @mike_mccullough, and @nathan_davies

You may have seen this post from @mccollough, the former President of @BoomBox, back in January of this year.

In it he shares a super cool condiment squeezed bottle, which he called a “super chillie”.

The post went viral and became a huge hit on the internet.

It quickly gained attention from food blogs and social media.

A month later, @hanson_mcmahon joined the team to create the first-ever Chilli Pepper Bottle, which is also available at @BoozieCandy.

The bottle is available for purchase on the Chilli Bean Shop.

“A super chilli pepper bottle is a great way to get chilli hot, and it’s super easy to make,” said Hanson.

“There are no complicated ingredients to mix, so you just grab a chilli and pop it in your mouth.”

He added, “The chilli taste is just perfect for dipping a spicy sauce or for adding a little crunch.”

After a lot of research and a lot testing, Hanson says that the process of making a super chippy is very simple, and he uses a few simple ingredients to make it.

He recommends using a large bottle, because it’s easier to pour than a small one, but also it’s cheaper to buy the small one.

He says the bottle should be at least one inch tall and 1.5 inches wide, and that’s where you’ll want to store the chilli.

Hanson says to store chilli at room temperature is not a requirement.

You can chill it at room temperatures, but it’s best to keep it away from heaters and openers, because heaters can cause condensation.

A chilli bottle will last a few days in the fridge, or you can freeze it for later use.

You’ll need about a pint of chilli to make the bottle.

If you’re looking for a great chilli sauce to use with your chilli, Hanson recommends using his Chilli Sauce recipe.

The chillis condiment can be used as a condiment for almost any recipe.

Hanson has shared a couple of different recipes in the past, including the famous ‘chilli chowder’.

You can find more recipes at Hanson’s website.

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